Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil Machine Replacement Power Cord

I recently ran into a big problem with my Spellbinders Glimmer Machine; I couldn’t find the power cord*!

I searched around on the Spellbinders website to see if they carry replacement power cords but it doesn’t look like they do. I will update this blog post if I learn otherwise.

I began trying to identify the type of power cord the system uses and I learned that it’s called a C7 Polarized Power Cord. The ‘polarized’ bit is pretty important. Do NOT buy one that isn’t polarized because if you do it will not fit.

C7 Polarized Power Cord

I found one at my local Walmart for under $10. I’ll include links to a few different options.

The one I bought from Walmart

10′ Black C7 Polarized Power Cord from Walmart (This is the one I purchased and can confirm that it works.)

Amazon C7 Polarized Power Cords

Best Buy C7 Polarized Power Cord:

Happy glimmering!

Until next time,


Please note that, at no extra cost to you, I have used affiliate links wherever possible. This helps cover the cost of my blog. Thank you for your support.

*Spellbinders offers a one year limited warranty on their Hot Foil Machine. If you use a third party power cord and something happens to your machine as a result it may potentially void the warranty. Please use your best judgement if you decide to use a third party power cord.

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