Love You and Make it Blue

Hello, hello. I hope that this blog post finds you healthy, happy, and hungry. Hungry, Samantha? Why hungry? Well, because I couldn’t think of another h word off of the top of my head!

I have been in a major creative slump lately and I’ve lost my mojo in a big way. It’s like my heart’s just not in it right now. This card took me two whole weeks to make.

I decided to first take my own advice and to just play with my supplies without any expectations. I pulled out one of my favorite mediums, alcohol inks, and decided to play.

I discovered that the Prussian Blue alcohol ink by Brea Reese is to absolutely die for. It is so beautiful! Seriously. It’s rich, it’s deep, it’s divine. I played with quite a few other colors as well but this was my number one favorite.

That alcohol ink creation has sat untouched on my craft desk for the last two weeks along with all my other crafty supplies. Until today, that is.

After another nightmare awakened me at 5:30 this morning I did what any sane, rational adult would do; I went back to bed. Just kidding! I went up to my craft room!

I sat down and decided to just make a damned card and to hell with what it turned out looking like. I die cut a CZ Design for Simon Says Stamp sentiment die three times from white cardstock and once from glitter cardstock.

I love all of Cathy Zielske’s sentiment dies. They’re so fresh and clean but the tiny little y, o, and u on this one are a real pain in the ass to stack. I’m just saying.

After stacking ’em I glued my chunky mama sentiment to the shadow die (cut from black cardstock). Trimmed the alcohol ink panel down to 4″ x 5.25″, glued that to an A2 sized white card base, glued the sentiment on, and added a few gold sequins to top it off.

Wanna see?

Love, love, love how this turned out. Keep it crafty, my friends and stay gold, Ponyboy.

Until next time,



  1. I wish I could make something half as stunning when I am in the slump.

    Samantha, this card is absolutely, positively, splendiferously GORGEOUS! Oh me. Oh my. I cannot even begin to express how very much I love your card. I am so happy you decided to play, because your fans reap the rewards of seeing such loveliness. Thank you for the continued inspiration…even in the midst of a slump!


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