A Couple of Projects

*Taps mic* Hey, guys. Goodness, sometimes I come back to this blog and it’s hard to believe it’s still here. The truth of the matter is that I kind of hate going over each and every crafty thing I make. That is why, other than my Ink Road stuff (which really is not bad at all; it doesn’t make me feel like I’m writing a textbook or a manual and that is something I am very happy about) I’ve stopped explaining in large part what I did or how I made something.

Today’s project is less of a tutorial, textbook, let me tell you in excruciating detail every single thing I did sort of thing and more of an ‘I made some things that I’m pretty proud of and I wanted to share’ type thing.

My mom passed away when I was not much older than I was in the photo above. She’s now been gone as many years as she lived and for that reason this has been an anniversary that has struck me to my core. The grief has been like an infected abscess and so, in an attempt to bring myself relief from the pain, I’ve chosen to dive head first into my creativity.

There is a highly therapeutic value in creating. It’s self expression that draws from your soul; words where none can be spoken, music where no sound exists, colors in a black and white film.

I have been doing a lot of watercolor painting as of late. I find it to be soothing. My watercolor paints are nothing very special; a step above student grade, I think.

This is what I made.

I used a beautiful daisy stamp from Unity Stamp Co called Too Much, Too Often Daisies. I love using watercolors with rubber stamps. I paired it with the A Star Fell sentiment stamp.

I also used the Mom’s Clematis set from Simon Says Stamp to stamp and heat emboss the vellum strip.

Here are some more photos.

That’s all. I will see you in another six months or so.

Take care.



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