eHarmony for Felons

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Hello, hello. Over on the SoSS blog there’s a new challenge going on; V is for Violent. Of course Franz and I had to get in on this. Duh.

For this card I used the Jenni Inked Girl (formerly inmate 23LJ-5220) from Ink Road Stamps (use code COYKOI10 to save 10% off your total order!) along with lots and lots and lots of Franz. Speaking of which you can byof (buy your own Franz) here

I love pairing the Inked Girls up with super snarky sentiments. My thoughts behind this were first that I was inspired by the card my son created with this stamp and second I thought I would create her as though she were a serial killer on a dating website. eHarmony for felons.

Here she is!

Just in case you have trouble reading that itty bitty text it reads;

Turn ons: hunting, trophies

Turn offs: probation

Likes: harvesting prey

Dislikes: nosy neighbors and cops

Name: Jenni

Formerly inmate 23LJ-5220

Looking for: someone who can run, someone to pose for my photos.

I’m pretty sure the photos she’s got in mind are less “draw me like one of your French Girls” and more “crime scene”.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Until next time,

Hunter, prey, made my day,



  1. Ha ha ha! Love your little felon so much. You’ll laugh when you see my card for the next SoSS challenge. Thanks for playing with the sisters again, Jo x

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  2. Love, love, love this! So very original, and a perfect combination of Ink Road and our very violent challenge. (I am sure Lara will approve, too. :D) Thanks for joining the fun again at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers!

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  3. Now this is why I love you, I love Franz and I love being on the SOSS team. What other craft blog could I visit and find a discussion about the viability of inmate numbers? Brilliant card, and goodness knows where your ideas come from but I want some of it!

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  4. Pffffffffffffftttttttttttttt OK, so as someone who works in the field of corrections….this is EFFIN PERFECT!!!!
    OMG I just can’t stop giggling!!!
    SOOOOOOOOO awesome!!
    Thanks for getting VIOLENT with Edna and the sisterhood of snarky stampers!

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    • Holy crap, you work in Corrections? The closest experience to jail that I have is watching MSNBC Lockup Raw. I could not ever do that job. You all have so much respect from me because if someone called me names. I would either cry. Or beat them. Or both. At the same time.
      You guys do such an important job and are so underappreciated and underpaid in my opinion.

      How did I do with the inmate number? Does it look semi plausible?


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