Handsewn Memorydex Shaker Card

Hello, hello. I recently saw several amazing acetate MemoryDex shaker cards created by the very talented Lilly of Crafting with Liller over on Instagram as well as a project share she did on YouTube.

I really wanted to make one.

The problem?

I don’t have a sewing machine that can sew acetate.

Do you know what one of the most awesome thing about us crafters is, though? It’s that we’re creative by nature and can come up with all sorts of solutions to problems.

You’ll need some sort of piercing tool (you could also just use a sewing needle), a needle and thread, and acetate or thick plastic packaging.

I cut two MemoryDex cards from acetate and taped them together on the sides.

Using a ruler I began piercing the bottom of the acetate.

I then whip stitched the bottom.

I pierced the side and top and continued sewing.

I pierced the remaining side before filling with sequins.

I stitched the last side closed and then began decorating.

Pretty cool, huh? I hope this will inspire you if you would like to make a beautiful MemoryDex card like Lilly’s but don’t have a sewing machine.

Sew, stitch, crafty b!t©h,


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