Remembering Edith

My card was up on the Blank Page Muse blog yesterday. I’ll have the link at the bottom of this post. Before you see it I need to tell you the story of that card.


One cold, winter morning when I was 7 years old my father laid my clothes out for me before school. I went to get dressed and was aghast at the small hole in the knee of the pants he’d chosen. I informed him that I couldn’t wear those pants.

He informed me that I would indeed wear them, hole & all.
I stuck my tiny fingers into the hole and pulled. I pulled and pulled until the once dime sized hole extended from the thigh of the pants to the calf. I was certain that he would never make me wear pants so badly damaged.

He did.

(I must add that I don’t blame him. I agree with his decision now. I had ruined my pants and I think it was an appropriate punishment.)

Out to the bus stop I went, tears in my eyes, angry at my dad for making me wear the pants I’d intentionally destroyed.

Becca, my best friend, was at the bus stop with her mom, Edith. Edith was dismayed to see the giant hole in my pants. She took a beautiful, bejeweled dragonfly pin from the lapel of her coat and carefully used it to pin the hole in my pants together.

Growing up, like a lot of people, I didn’t have the easiest childhood. Among other things mine was made particularly difficult due to having lost my mother at such a young age.

Edith was there, though.

She and Becca became my refuge, their home my second home. Becca and I consider ourselves to be sisters. Edith was like a surrogate mother to me. I loved her dearly.

We lost Edith several years ago. She’d made such an enormous impact on my life.

To this day, every time I see a dragonfly I’m reminded of her. I made this card in her memory; in memory of my best friend’s mom, who showed me that I was wanted, cared for, and loved. Who looked out for me, believed in me, and who always cheered me on.

It would mean a great deal to me if you would go and see my card 💚💜

Click here to see my card

Have a great day.



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